Non-violent protests

People in cities all over the world are engaging in non-violent protests to support Bolivia and the Amazon Basin. We invite you to join us in standing up for what you believe is right. Doing so is a powerful step towards making positive change, both for yourself and the planet. Sign up to our newsletter to find out what is being organised in your area in the near future. If you would like support in organising your own protest, please send us a message through our contact page for some help and support.

Join us at XR

Extinction Rebellion

London, Trafalgar Square

Monday 7th October

Time: 10am

Action For Bolivia have proudly been invited to join Exctinction Rebellion at the beginning of the ‘International Rebellion‘ on Monday 7th October at Trafalgar Square, London. We will be giving speeches about the disaster and we invite you to join us & XR in making positive change for Mother Earth!

Climate strike speeches

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