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Bolivia president feels election heat amid anger over wildfires

Heavy rains have all but extinguished the devastating wildfires that tore through the dry forests of eastern Bolivia for nearly two months. But, with national elections approaching, recriminations over the blazes have ratcheted up tensions in the already politically...

1.5 Million Bolivians Gather to Protest in ‘Cabildo’ at Santa Cruz

Written by Diego Martinez-Schütt On Friday 4th October, over 1.5 million Bolivian people formed a mass gathering at Santa Cruz to protest over the central government's handling of the fires in Bolivia. More than 5,3 million hectares of Amazonian and Chiquitano forests...

Bolivian Amazon Action Pack Fundraiser

Our new campaign; Bolivian Amazon Action Pack is live and accepting donations! Please click on the read more button to navigate to the GoFundMePage.    

Fires still being set in blazing Bolivia

Firefighters in Bolivia are tackling conflagrations that have burned an area larger than Costa Rica. Several national parks and Indigenous territories have been affected....

La sabiduría indígena que puede frenar los incendios en Bolivia

La ecoregión del bosque chiquitano representa una mezcla de ecosistemas en la transición de la parte seca del Gran Chaco a la humedad de la selva amazónica. Considerado el último bosque seco tropical del mundo, cubre un área equivalente al territorio de Uruguay que se...

Firefighters in Bolivia lose hope of taming blazes as burned area doubles

Bolivian volunteer firefighters, exhausted from battling blazes sweeping rapidly across the country's lowlands, are starting to lose hope and retreat from the front lines of some infernos in the drought-stricken region....

As 12 million hectares burn in the Amazon, Bolivia receives EU support to tackle wildfires

The Amazon is on fire, and not only in Brazil. Since July, Bolivia has lost two million hectares of forest, pushing its government to call on the EU to step in....

Protestas contra el cambio climático: las movilizaciones por todo el mundo en fotos

Decenas de miles de personas, muchas de ellas estudiantes, encabezan marchas en todo el mundo para exigir acciones concretas de gobiernos y corporaciones para enfrentar la crisis climática.  

Amazon fires show Bolivia needs a new economic model

Global coverage of the recent Amazon fires has focused on Brazil, but Bolivia has suffered a similar catastrophe. Over the last two months, some 2.4 million hectares of the country have burned, almost half of which is forest. At least six people have died and around...

Bolivia Is Fighting Major Forest Fires Nearly As Large As In Brazil

Six volunteer firefighters use machetes to cut a path through the vines and underbrush of the Chiquitano forest in Bolivia's eastern lowlands. They're approaching the leading edge of a fire that's been burning for hours....

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