About Us

Action for Bolivia

Action For Bolivia is an international grassroots movement, dedicated to protecting the unique ecosystems of Bolivia and the many indigenous communities who live within them. We formed in response to the recent forest fires that have raged across millions of acres of Amazon rainforest, the Chiquitania dry forest and other unique biomes and protected national parks. We see these fires as an act of industrial ecocide, where the Bolivian government’s priority is short term economic growth over long term environmental sustainability. With the destruction of these habitats, where many indigenous communities live and endemic flora and fauna exist, it is a profound loss for Bolivia as well as the world.

Discussing the disaster on British television; Channel 4

Calling for the declaration of a national disaster at the Bolivian embassy in London.

Raising public awareness of the disaster in London and canvassing support for a petition to the Bolivian embassy.

Giving speeches at the global climate strike in London on the 2oth Sept 2019

Mission summary

Action For Bolivia aims to increase political pressure on the Bolivian government so that their response to these fires appropriately matches the scale of the disaster. A National Disaster should be declared as the state does not possess enough financial nor technical resources to meet the demands of the
problem. Additionally, the lack of a Declaration of National Disaster has lead to much foreign aid and support denied entry into the country. We wish to communicate these issues to a national and international audience, exposing the political and economic policies that have led to this situation and also the massive scale of the disaster. We continue to organise and practise peaceful, non-violent protests all over the world, communicating our message and gathering support for our cause.

Short / medium term goals

Our aims for the immediate future are to see a quick resolution to the national disaster. Following this, we intend to establish as an organisation that seeks to provide long term sustainable solutions to the factors that have led to this ecocide in Bolivia. The Bolivian government’s plan over the next decade is to prepare another 10 million hectares land for the agro-cattle industry and also create extensive new mining facilities. We feel these steps will contradict the ‘Law of the Rights of Mother Earth’, a groundbreaking law established in 2010 that protects human communities and ecosystems. We aim to support this law, fight for the rights of ecosystems and indigenous communities and provide creative solutions that support human and environmental sustainability.

Long term goals

In the long term, we wish to join with other partners and NGOs to establish an international fund for countries with important ecosystems / carbon sinks / oxygen producers that discourages their decimation for industrial purposes. We also wish to work with similar NGOs / charities to support the introduction of international law against ecocide. We feel that the first law of its kind, established in Bolivia in 2010 provides a roadmap for such international law, and its enforcement will significantly benefit the future of our planet.